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دانلود پوسته وردپرس فارسی با فونت های ایرانی به همراه به روز رسانی رایگان قالب برای خریدارن WorkScout – Job Board WordPress Theme

دانلود پوسته وردپرس فارسی با فونت های ایرانی به همراه به روز رسانی رایگان قالب برای خریدارن WorkScout – Job Board WordPress Theme

قالب وردپرس مشاغل workscout فارسی

قالب ورک اسکات یک قالب کاریابی حرفه ای وردپرس است. با این قالب به سادگی بازار کار و سایت استخدام خود را راه اندازی کنید. این قالب بهترین قالب آماده برای استخدام و آژانس های کاریابی است و امکانات کاملی را در این زمینه برای شما فراهم آورده است. ما این قالب حرفه ای را به زبان فارسی ترجمه کرده و به رایگان در اختیار مشتریان سایت قرار می دهیم.

همچنین این قالب افزونه های حرفه ای مربوط به مدیریت کسب و کار مانند wp job manager را در خود دارد. قالب دارای افزونه های اضافی و امکانات ویژه ای می باشد که در زیر به آنها اشاره شده است:

  • مدیریت شغل ها
  • مدیریت رزومه ها
  • مهلت در خواست
  • هشدار فرصت شغلی
  • مدیریت لیست کاربران برای کارفرما ها
  • مدیریت لیست پرداخت ها
  • صفحه ساز ویژوال کامپوزر
  • رولوشن اسلایدر
  • فیلتر های پیشرفته در فهرست های شغلی
  • و …

شما می توانید توضیحات کامل و دموی قالب را در وب سایت اصلی مشاهده کنید.

WorkScout is a fully functioning job board Theme for WordPress developed with the popular free WordPress Plugin WP Job Manager.

It integrates beautifully and simply and can be extended with a few extensions and Plugins so that you can build your very own feature rich job marketplace!

Perfect for recruiters, employment agencies and any kind of job office you can think of, WorkScout has been developed top down with WP Manager and their add-ons.

This means you can pick and choose which add-ons suits your needs with the knowledge that everything will run as smooth as silk, right from your WP admin dashboard.

WorkScout: Simple, elegant, extensive, professional.

Important: full demo functionality shown is only available with additional paid plugins. Demo version without the premium plugins is here.

گسترش پوسته با افزونه های


Work Scout has been Developed from the ground up to extend Mike Jolley?s WP Job Manager Plugin and all of its extensions.


Developed for full compatibility with Resume Manager, empower your users to signup and upload their resume, or complete their own using our predefined resume submission form.

All of this is seamlessly integrated and managed via your WordPress admin.(Plugin sold separately)


Further extend your functionality with Application Deadline – and give your users the tools to apply, review and manage job applications from your job dashboard. (Plugin sold separately)


One for the user! This extension, Job Alerts, will allow any registered user to save their searches and manage alerts as new jobs become available. Users can select email daily, weekly or even fortnightly. (Plugin sold separately)


As a recruiter you often need a quick way to manage your lists. With the Bookmarks add-on you can take full use and simplicity of the bookmarking system. Add notes to those bookmarks and never lose track again. As a job hunter you can add bookmarks to jobs and as an employer you can add bookmarks to candidates resumes. (Plugin sold separately)


Take your job network to the next level when you upgrade to WC Paid Listings. With this add-on you can create a full feature marketplace that includes eCommerce charging (paid listing functionality) for uploading jobs/resumes. Requires the WooCommerce plugin. (Plugin sold separately)


Work Scout comes bundled with Visual Composer so Page Building has never been simpler or more flexible. All with a very familiar UX right from within your WP dashboard (Plugin bundled with purchase)


Revolution Slider sets the benchmark for other Sliders to mimick, but you won?t need to worry about that as it comes complete with Work Scout (Plugin bundled with purchase)


– provide a professional approach to Search for jobs.

Salary/Rate filter settings exclusive to Work Scout – not found in any other Job Board for WordPress, Work Scout has unique filters for Salaries and Rates making it much easier for candidates to Filter and find relevant job ads.

Mobile ready – developed with mobile in mind, Work Scout will work seamlessly across all of your mobile devices including Desktop, Laptop, Tablets and Mobile/Cell Phones. Every user will have that familiar experience using our user-centric custom designed styles.

Fully Responsive – developed using the latest coding and development techniques, so that you will never have to. Work Scout is designed with you in mind to be simple and familiar to use while boosting productivity by creating a system that just works.

The recommended plugins are designed to be used as required so you are not paying for anything you don?t need. The following plugins are developed with WorkScout and WP Job Manager.

Simply choose the ones you need, download and upload to your WordPress site, no messy coding needed.

Important: full demo functionality shown is only available with additional paid plugins. Here’s the list of all paid plugins – you can currently buy all of them in Core add-on bundle for just 125$ (instead of 357$ if you’d like to buy them separately)

Why is it worth buying WP Job Manager Add-ons? WP Job Manager is now part of Automattic (so the company behind the WordPress) and was created by Mike Jolley (the guy who makes WooCommerce) – I don’t think there’s a better guarantee that this plugins will work and will be supported and developed in the future – not like other solutions with custom made code that could be discontinued any moment.


تغییرات نسخه جدید

Version 1396/10/05
* updated Visual Composer
* updated translations
* latest RevolutionSlider

This is WordPress conversion of WorkScout – Multi-Purpose eCommerce HTML Template by Vasterad

دانلود پوسته وردپرس فارسی با فونت های ایرانی به همراه به روز رسانی رایگان قالب برای خریدارن

WorkScout – Job Board WordPress Theme

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WorkScout v1.4.8.6- Job Board WordPress Theme   ۹۶/۱۰/۰۵

WorkScout v1.4.6.2- Job Board WordPress Theme   ۹۶/۰۷/۱۷

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