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افزونه آپلود مستقیم فایل ها و تصاویر وردپرس خود در دریوهای مجازی گوگل، دروپباکس و…

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Integrate Filetrip with the Most Famous Form Builders

The Free Caldera Forms plugin, is the friendliest form builder plugin available for Wordpress.

Send Media Files to the Cloud Cuncurrently


Filetrip makes it easy to distribute files from WordPress to the Cloud on autopilot. When users upload files, Filetrip sends copies to multiple destinations of your choice. You can instantly copy files to Google Drive, backup to Dropbox, or FTP files anywhere in the world…plus a whole lot more. All this happens automatically in WordPress, but totally under your control.

To make Filetrip more practical and strong, we designed it to be scalable, flexible and easy to use. For instance, administrators can instantiate unlimited number of uploaders, in which each uploader can be configured individually. For example, you can customize options like (Cloud Destination Folder, Icons, Colors, Labels, and Channels).

Moreover, the plugin is responsive and can work in multiple browsers elegantly. Also users can use it to upload their files from mobile phones (Android, iPhone, and iPad).

Website Backup

Website owners also will have the freedom of planning either complete or partial website backup (SQL, Files, or SQL+Files). The website owner can either manually or automatically setup a backup generation function. Also the system can trigger an Email notification whenever it creates a backup. What’s unique about chunk uploading is no matter how large your website is; Filetrip is capable of chunking the backup into pieces and upload them to your desired storage channel.

Many File Types

Filetrip expands on what files WordPress accepts by default, and allows many file types, including:

  • Music – wav, mp3, mp4, mid, m4a, wma
  • Video – mp4, avi, mpg, wmv
  • Images – png, jpg, gif, bmp, psd, ai, eps, tiff, svg
  • Documents – pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, csv, ppt, pptx

Minimum Requirement

  • Small Notice: The plugin requires (PHP 5 >= 5.3.0)

Filetrip is a wordpress plugin that let you upload and forward files instantly to Dropbox, Wordpress, FTP, and Google Drive). Building custom forms to collect information bonded with digital files has never been easier. Using Dropbox channel, Filetrip can automatically create Dropbox sub-folders corresponding to the uploaders

Filetrip is the number one choice for website owners

One of the very crucial points to consider when choosing a backup option for your site is where the backups are stored. Believe me, it really matters.

If your backups are stored among the files of your site and you can only complete a restore of your site through your dashboard, you?re in for a wild ride. If your site goes down because it?s hacked, you can kiss it goodbye. You won?t be able to do a site restore because you won?t be able to access your dashboard. So this is where cloud storage comes into rescue; website backup can be transferred easily to Dropbox & Google Drive to keep them in a safe backup vault.
  • Support full backup for single/multi wordpress sites
  • Include flexible & powerful backup scheduler
  • Transfer up to 2 GB size of backup manually or automatically in the background to both Google Drive & Dropbox
  • It includes an extra powerful Afaly uploader shortcode that worth 17$, which can be used to collect and manage digital files
  • Transfer any files from the Media library to either Dropbox or Google Drive, and support up to 2GB of file transfer for each channel

To know how to activate Dropbox & Google Drive after installation, go to Demo Website

Be completely secured with Filetrip

Your content, database and website will never be lost accidentally again.

Filetrip will be your loyal and valuable servant plugin, that not only allow users to upload files and integrates your website content into the cloud, but, it can also automate full backups for your website through archiving either or both (Content & Database), and then trip them to your desired cloud destination.

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Update ( 5-Jan-2015 )

- Added ship to cloud storage features for Media Library
- Made arfaly-admin.js to work for both Filetrip settings and Filetrip Meta.
- Added folder browsing feature for default Media Transmission Destination
- Convert to chunked upload mechanism for both (Google Drive, and Dropbox)
- Adding backup feature (Still in process)
- Added uninstall cleanup code

افزونه آپلود مستقیم فایل ها و تصاویر وردپرس خود در دریوهای مجازی گوگل، دروپباکس و...

Filetrip | Easily upload to Dropbox + Google Drive + FTP + Wordpress

1396/03/13   Filetrip v2.0.7 - Easily upload to Dropbox + Google Drive + FTP


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Filetrip Easily upload to Dropbox + Google Drive + FTP + Wordpress
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