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Good News – Multi-Niche Blog / Magazine / Newspaper WordPress Theme



دانلود آخرین نسخه پوسته فارسی خبرخوب وردپرس راستچین با آپدیت های رایگان

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دانلود آخرین نسخه پوسته فارسی وردپرس راستچین با آپدیت های رایگان

Good News - Multi-Niche Blog / Magazine / Newspaper WordPress Theme

Good News is the Ultimate Multi Niche Blog / Magazine WordPress theme built for anyone who would like to build a stunning and flexible blog, news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review site.

With Good News you will be able to build your own layouts using Drag & Drop ready made widgets.

Latest Version Changelog

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="3000"]Good News - Features دانلود آخرین نسخه پوسته فارسی وردپرس راستچین با آپدیت های رایگان Good News - Multi-Niche Blog / Magazine / Newspaper WordPress Theme[/caption]

It also supports oEmbed which let’s you embed content from different providers including videos from YouTube and Vimeo. It uses the best and clean SEO practices and is also flexible, simple and easy to use.

The theme also includes a full featured Ads Manager that supports responsive Google Ads and AdSense. Ads can easily be added using shortcodes, visual composer or widgets.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Good News - Features دانلود آخرین نسخه پوسته فارسی وردپرس راستچین با آپدیت های رایگان Good News - Multi-Niche Blog / Magazine / Newspaper WordPress Theme[/caption]

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  • Clean, Simple And Minimalist design
  • Multi Level Push Menu (Left / Right).
  • Responsive Mobile Menu
  • Sticky Topbar / Main Menu
  • Image Backgrounds with Patterns & Overlays
  • Video Backgrounds with Patterns & Overlays
  • Parallax with Patterns & Overlays
  • Custom Title Headings with unlimited Fonts & Colors.
  • Nice Scroll & SmoothScroll Options
  • 4 different paging systems including Infinite Scroll
  • 3 different comments systems (Native + Disqus Comments + Facebook)
  • Facebook Connect / Register
  • Advanced Liking System
  • Advanced Page Options
  • Custom Post types – Videos & Photo Albums
  • Unlimited layouts with Visual Composer
  • Dynamically create sidebars and assign them to any page
  • Option to have different background images on each pages
  • Live Twitter Feed Widget
  • 6 pre-defined blog templates: 1-2-3-4 columns & Small / Large Lists
  • Visual Composer included as a premium plugin (34$ value) including 8 custom widgets.
  • Revolution Slider included as a premium plugin (19$ value).
  • MailChimp Newsletter plugin included
  • Fully integrated with BuddyPress
  • UberMenu plugin Fully Supported
  • Contact 7 working contact forms
  • Google Fonts Library
  • Font-Awesome library
  • Integrated using HTML5 & CSS3 best practices
  • Built with the well known Foundation CSS Framework
  • Retina HD Ready & Responsive Design
  • Using SEO best practices
  • Rich Snippets, Schema & Microdata
  • RTL Support
  • .po & .mo translation files included
  • Easy 1-Click Demo Importer
  • WPML Ready
  • Fully Responsive
  • PSDs Included
  • Child Theme Included
  • Good documentation


  • Advanced News & Videos Widget
  • Endless Articles Option / Infinite Bidirectional Scroll
  • Filter By Categories
  • Multiple query types: (Most Recent, Most Viewed, Most Liked, Most Discussed, Custom Selection)
  • Multi layouts and lots of options


  • Advertisement rotation system with a flexible logic of displaying advertisements.
  • Widgets & Visual Composer support
  • Responsive ads support


  • Fully integrated MailChimp Newsletter form.


Note: Theme Images are not included. Placeholders will be placed when importing our demo.


V. – 03.11.2016

  • Fix the issue with registration. New users will now have a role based on the Default Wordpress role setting instead of Subscriber.
  • Fixed issue with orbit slider not being able to click on links
  • Fixed Woocommerce products grid auto height.
  • Fixed issue with “Hide Mobile Sidebars” option not working on all pages
  • Visual Composer Predefined Layouts: Access to all demo layouts
  • Updated Slider Revolution plugin to v.
  • Added option to add custom thumbnail placeholder for posts that do not have a featured image set.
  • Added support for Slick Menu
  • Added support for WooCommerce Floating Cart

V. – 07.09.2016

  • Fixed bug with WP Maintenance plugin
  • Added option to add custom thumbnail placeholder for posts that do not have a featured image set.
  • Added an option within the theme panel under APIs / Accounts to set a Facebook APP Access Token required for Facebook Share counts to work properly by removing request limits

V. – 22.08.2016

  • Fixed an intermittent bug causing a php warning

V.2.0.9 – 20.08.2016

  • Fix Social Share Facebook counts due to Facebook API graph stats endpoint Deprecation
  • Wrapped all functions within lib/functions.php with “function_exists()” so they can easily be overridden within the child theme
  • Removed old Simple Ads Manager plugin (deprecated), Added support for the new Simple Ads Manager Pro (Free Version)
  • Updated ACF to v5.4.2

V.2.0.8 – 07.07.2016

  • Minor CSS Fixes
  • Fixed category color field not appearing on the edit category screen
  • Added hook to filter Advanced News Widget query arguments
  • Updated ACF to v5.3.9.2
  • Updated Visual Composer to v4.12
  • Updated Slider Revolution to v5.2.6

V. – 06.06.2016

  • Minor CSS Fixes
  • Added Thumbnail Size option to Post Gallery format when using the native wordpress gallery theme.
  • Better Customizer Viewing in boxed mode
  • Social Share Counts now combines both http and https urls stats
  • Updated Visual Composer to v4.11.2.2 (fixes a bug with autocomplete fields not able to remove items from the list)
  • Updated Slider Revolution to v5.2.5.3

V.2.0.7 – 02.05.2016

  • Nav Menu Walker: Better compatibility with other plugins
  • Centralize Extensions Code
  • Fixed Sticky Top Bar issue in Boxed Mode when previewed within the customizer
  • Added a hook to filter mega menu thumbnail size within the child theme

V. – 16.04.2016

  • Fixed Issue with Sticky Sidebar causing Google Adsense ads to load twice
  • Fixed Bug with the Extensions Upgrade System causing some extensions not to update / install properly

V. – 14.04.2016

  • Fixed Bug with the Extensions Upgrade System causing extensions not to update / install properly

V. – 13.04.2016

  • Replaced deprecated function get_currentuserinfo with wp_get_current_user for WP 4.5

V. – 13.04.2016

  • Fixed JS Bug causing parallax images not to fade in
  • Minor CSS Fixes
  • Updated Slider Revolution to
  • Updated Visual Composer to 4.11.2

V.2.0.6 – 31.03.2016

  • Fixed issue with taxonomies not inheriting category settings
  • Fix Visual Composer conflict with Templatera not allowing inserting user saved templates
  • WooCommerce: Equalized shop page products heights on window resize.
  • WooCommerce: Added number of columns options for the shop page grid within the theme panel.
  • WooCommerce: Added single product global sidebar option within the theme panel
  • Single Post: If show post categories option is active, All categories linked to the actual post will now be shown including custom taxonomies.
  • Single Post: Added option to show post formats below the post. They will be appended to post categories.
  • Theme Panel: Added text transform option to typography fields
  • Added a language .pot template file

V.2.0.5 – 09.03.2016

  • Minor CSS fixes
  • Fixed issue with WooCommerce Product Hover Animation.
  • Fixed WooCommerce Lost Password not sending an email or show any confirmation message
  • Fixed Mobile Menu Search Box Show / Hide Option
  • Fixed Mobile Menu missing translation for the string Back
  • Fixed Mobile Menu Parent Menus not clickable. If a parent menu has a link, it will now appear within the submenu below the Back button.
  • Fixed issue with demo import not importing widgets when this import type is selected: (Options, Widgets and Sliders Only)
  • News Widget: Reordered posts randomly for the Related To Post / Related To Category query type
  • Added 2 widget zones options Below and Above the Top Bar
  • Added color options for the TopBar Inline Social Icons
  • Added option to add Facebook Likes and Google Plus within the TopBar Social Networks in Inline Mode
  • Updated Language Files
  • Updated WooCommerce Templates
  • Updated Slider Revolution to 5.2.1

V.2.0.4 – 22.02.2016

  • Updated Revolution Sliders zip files within the theme package and fixed the slider import issue.
  • Added WhatsApp social share button. If activated, appears on touch devices only.
  • Added the capability of overriding any theme included php file by copying it to the child theme with the same path structure. For modules and widgets directories like (advanced-news) the whole folder has to be copied to avoid errors.

V. – 17.02.2016

  • Fixed minor issue with News Widget Query. Return all post formats if a category is selected
  • Fixed issue with logo being reset by it self
  • Activated Weekly google fonts update for the typography options within the theme panel. Google Fonts API Key must be set within the APIs section

V. – 08.02.2016

  • Fixed Single Post Featured Image caption output PHP Error

V.2.0.3 – 07.02.2016

  • Minor CSS Fixes
  • Fixed issue with WooCommerce quantity input Minus / Plus buttons not working in some cases
  • Replaced the functions xt_trim_words and xt_trim_text with the native wordpress function wp_trim_words
  • Visual Composer templates can now be overridden within the child theme by copying the vc_templates folder from the parent to the child theme.
  • Applied Sticky Sidebar effect to WooCommerce Checkout Order Detail Box
  • Added new demo import features. Now you can import demo options, widgets & sliders only without flushing existing posts
  • Added an option to show the featured image title, caption and description over the image within the single post page
  • Added Chat Post Format Support. More Info
  • Replaced Wordpress Editor Quotes with a more advanced one. Block quotes can now be easily added / edited. 4 Different Styles.
  • Added Uppercase, Lowercase, Sentence Case & Title Case buttons to WordPress Editor.

V.2.0.2 – 03.02.2016

  • Minor CSS Fixes
  • Remove unwanted notices non admin users
  • Fixed News Widget query conflict when category and post format filters are both used at the same time.
  • Set Revolution Slider as Theme and disable update notices
  • Moved single post page links above the likes buttons
  • Added max logo height option to the TopBar / MainMenu Logo
  • Added a thumbnail size option for the gallery post format native theme
  • Added a filter xt_post_types_as_post to activate sidebar & post options to any custom post type. More Info
  • Updated Woocommerce templates to support v2.5.1
  • Updated language files

V.2.0.1 – 13.01.2016

  • Removed boolval() function for php 5.3+ compatibility
  • Disabled sticky sidebar on mobile
  • Disabled Visual Composer Updater which was conflicting with the theme Extensions Updater
  • Removed plugin update notices for users without install_plugins capability
  • Removed prepackaged plugins from the theme and stored them on our server. Now premium plugins will be updated by us and a notification will appear within your WordPress dashboard to update the plugins whenever there available without having to wait for a theme update. By doing so, we also reduced the theme zip file to 6MB.
  • Exported Revolution Sliders used in NewsFlash demo to the zip package

V.2.0.0- 10.01.2016

  • Fixed post image / captions alignement
  • Fixed News Widget Orbit Slider options not applying correctly
  • Fixed News Widget Orbit Slider Arrows not showing on Firefox
  • Main Menu: Apply selected menu item styles to ancestor item
  • Enhance retina logo interchange
  • Good News V2 – 4 New Demos
  • Added color column to category management
  • Category colors now inherit from top parent category
  • Update FontAwesome to v4.5.0
  • Updated Slider Revolution to 5.1.6

V.1.2.0- 24.12.2015

  • News Widget: Fixed ajax pagination bug when offset is not set
  • Improve Demo Import
  • Added post category individual colours
  • Added single post sidebar override options to video / gallery formats
  • Updated Visual Composer to 4.9.1
  • Updated Slider Revolution to 5.1.5

V.1.1.9 – 11.12.2015

  • Fixed CSS Bug with Facebook Connect button on Safari
  • Fixed footer Social Networks original colors option
  • Social Share: Removed Twitter Count (Twitter no longer support counts)
  • Fixed bug The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below
  • Disable SmoothScroll for trackpads and magic mouses
  • Improve Facebook Open Graph / Twitter Cards Metas
  • Added Page Option to remove main container Top Padding Only & Bottom Padding Only
  • Added new Featured Media Positions Above Title Fullwidth & Below Excerpt Fullwidth
  • Single Post Featured Image: Added Faded Image option to Below Excerpt Fullwidth position
  • Single Post Featured Image: Added Background Vertical Position option
  • Added Margin Options to Visual Composer Button Widget
  • Updated Face Detect Plugin to v1.0.1
  • Updated Visual Composer to 4.9
  • Updated Slider Revolution to 5.1.4
  • Updated XT Optimum Speed to 1.0.4

V. – 26.11.2015

  • Fix minimum header height when title bar is activated
  • Fix Font Awesome selection within the theme panel
  • Improved Ajax Pagination
  • Improved Login / Register Light Box
  • Recalculate Parallax Position on Window Resize & After Ajax Requests
  • Added 11 New CSS3 Spinners / Loaders options that can replace the default one.

V.1.1.8 – 25.11.2015

  • Major CSS Fixes. Make sure to save theme panel options after the update
  • Remove visual composer shortcodes showing within excerpts
  • Localized the “Back” string within the mobile menu
  • Visual Composer: Fixed Video Embed Display
  • Fixed backend css conflict with visual composer charts
  • Fix Bug with MailChimp not showing within the Visual Composer elements
  • Fixed bug with Recent Comments Widget count option not applying
  • Fixed Twitter Bug (Show / Hide) date & avatar not applying.
  • Fixed bug with Archive posts not appearing if not featured images is set
  • Social Share: Fixed Twitter Bug if share count is enabled and no count returned
  • Fix Plugins Update Count
  • Demo Import: Improved
  • Mega Menu: Improved Animation
  • SubFooter: Improved Layout
  • Auto Reduce heading font size on mobile.
  • Sticky Sidebar: Improved calculations by loading it once the page is completely loaded
  • Theme Panel: New Option added within the Performance Settings: Load all sections at once (On / Off)
  • Added global border radius option within the Look & Feel settings
  • Added new actions / hooks: xt_before_header, xt_after_header, xt_before_footer, xt_after_footer
  • Single Post: Added new Featured Media Positions (Within Content)
  • Category Page: Added an optional Widget Area on top of the category. Can be activated within the Archives Section.
  • News Widget: Added new “Related To Category” query to be used within a category Widget Area only.
  • Archives: Added Archive Title / Excerpt Font Weight Option
  • SubFooter: Added Nav Menu option to the SubFooter
  • SubFooter: Added Positioning Options to Nav Menu / Copyright Text within the SubFooter
  • Look & Feel: Added Global Border Color option
  • Look & Feel: Added Visual Composer Row Options
  • Social Share: Added an option to show the share box Above or both Above & Below the content
  • Social Share: Added the option to show the first 2 to 6 social items and hide the others
  • Header: Added Cleaner Search / Menu Toggle Icons
  • Social Media: Added custom color option to the Follow Us dropdown items.
  • Updated translation files
  • Updated WooCommerce Templates
  • Updated BuddyPress CSS to support the new profile cover feature
  • Updated Visual Composer to v4.8.1
  • Updated Slider Revolution to v5.1.1
  • Update XT Galleria Plugin to v1.0.6
  • Updated ACF Pro to v5.3.2.2

V. – 04.11.2015

  • Minor CSS Fixes
  • MicroData Schema Fixes
  • Fixed Slider Revolution Key Burns CSS
  • Fixed backend css conflict with visual composer charts
  • Enhanced prepackaged plugins installation (New Extensions Section)
  • Removed the Face Detect module and packaged it as a plugin / extension
  • Updated ACF Pro to v5.3.1
  • Updated XT MailChimp to v3.2.6

V. – 23.10.2015

  • Minor Top Bar CSS Fixes

V.1.1.7 – 22.10.2015

  • Minor CSS Fixes
  • Fixed minor issue with google fonts caching
  • Fixed comments order based on Wordpress discussions settings
  • Fixed thumbnail overlay icon position on IE
  • Added IE9 support by splitting main css file as it cannot handle large css files
  • Fixed WooCommerce mini cart ajax timeout bug on IE
  • Fixed scroll to top issue on page reload
  • Mega Menu : Set the correct thumbnail size based on the number of columns
  • Added delay to Mega Menu dropdown on hover using hover intent
  • Added Multiple Animations / Speed Options to the Mega Menu
  • Added a Centered Main Menu Option
  • Added a News Look & Feel section within the theme panel with many options
  • Added a Face Detect Module to better crop media library images
  • Added new display options for the Social Networks within the Top Bar (Dropdown List / Dropdown Grid / Inline)
  • Updated translations files
  • Updated Revolution Slider to v5.1

V. – 05.10.2015

  • Fixed issue with Visual Composer Layouts
  • Fixed Enable Front-end Registration switch option
  • Hide social share count if has 0 shares

V. – 05.10.2015

  • Updated Visual Composer to v4.7.4 Important XSS security vulnerability Patch

V.1.1.6 – 02.10.2015

  • Fixed social share output within the endless articles template
  • Fixed video width to videos embedded within the post content
  • Fixed previous / next post nav if post thumbnail is not available
  • Fixed issue with Woocommerce review form / reviews list
  • Fixed Main Menu font size on medium screens
  • Fixed Twitter Widget show_avatar & show_date options being always enabled
  • Fixed timeout issue with the demo import
  • Minor CSS fixes
  • Reduced mobile menu toggle on very small screens
  • HTML Escaping / Sanitization : Replace all () / e_() with esc_html() / esc_html_e()
  • Minify all Assets. Load unminified assets only if the SCRIPT_DEBUG constant is set to true
  • Enhanced infinite scroll performance
  • Added option to change main menu dropdown arrows
  • Added option to set the number of posts to show within the category mega menu
  • Added gutter option to the grid view within the News Widget
  • Added padding option to meta container over thumbnail within the News Widget
  • Added Medium Text Size option to Text Widget
  • Added option to force original social icons colors within the Social Networks widget / shortcode. Useful for the footer section
  • Added a filter xt_archive_thumb_size to override thumb sizes within archives based on the template used
  • Allow quote post format
  • Show active menu item within the mobile menu:
  • Added a link label field to post link formats
  • Added parallax option to single post featured image when set as Behind Title
  • Added global option to change main container padding within the look & feel section
  • Added Facebook OG Meta Tags without the need of a plugin. Options needs to be set within APIs / Accounts)
  • Updated translation files
  • Updated Woocommerce template files
  • Updated Visual Composer Plugin to v4.7.3
  • Updated Revolution Slider Plugin to v5.0.9

V.1.1.5 – 03.09.2015

  • Fixed issue with sidebar below title option not showing
  • Fixed infinite scroll bug within the WooCommerce shop page
  • Fixed WooCommerce mini cart ajax update intermittent bug
  • Fixed demo import timeout caused by the BuddyPress plugin.
  • Fixed post excerpt length option no applying in archives and single posts
  • Fixed FontAwesome conflict with an older version in the backend
  • Fixed translation issue caused by WooCommerce & BuddyPress theme templates not using the theme text domain
  • Replaced xt_time_elapsed() function with native human_time_diff() Wordpress function
  • Admin theme panel red color will now inherit the primary color option
  • Added visual composer custom templates tab with layouts specific to the theme
  • Force Facebook comments form to be full width
  • Added the ability to place the main menu over the content (useful for menu over backgrounds / sliders / parallax) with a semi transparent background. (Per Page option)
  • Added global options to set a margin top / bottom to sticky sidebars
  • Added new options to the Ads Widget (Alignment, Before Ad HTML, After ad HTML)
  • Updated translation files
  • Updated ACF PRO to v5.3.0
  • Updated Envato Toolkit Plugin to v1.7.3
  • Updated Visual Composer Plugin to v4.7
  • Updated Revolution Slider Plugin to v5.0.6

V. – 26.08.2015

  • Fixed Facebook connect script to load using Wordpress locale language settings
  • Added option to enable / disable thumbnail fade in on scroll down
  • Added Look & Feel / Typography Options for the single post page
  • Added a “24 hours ago” date query option within the News Widget
  • Added a “Time Ago” human-readable time difference option for post dates within the Archives, Single Posts, Post Templates and the News widget

V. – 24.08.2015

  • Fixed timeout issue when importing demo content while Buddypress plugin is activated
  • News Widget: Ignore sticky posts if custom query is selected
  • News Widget: Fix offsets when custom query is selected
  • News Widget: Fixed minor bug with post format selection

V. – 22.08.2015

  • Fixed issue with categories when shown over thumbnails
  • Updated Font Awesome to v4.4.0

V.1.1.4 ? 21.08.2015

  • Fixed error “There was a problem with your action. Please try again or reload the page.” when saving the theme panel caused by the php max_input_vars limit. Bypassed the limitation by using a custom function
  • Fixed bug with visual composer button widget options
  • Fixed Sticky Top Bar / Main Menu distance option not applying properly
  • Fixed issue with the News Widget Tabs not showing properly after the latest ACF update
  • Fixed issue with comments replies within on the backend side
  • Improve Parallax Performance
  • Improve Demo Import Speed
  • Added option to enable Sticky Top Bar / Main Menu on Scroll Up only
  • Added archive / post template option: Max number of categories to show
  • Added option to show thumbnail placeholders if no featured image available
  • Updated MailChimp Plugin to v3.2.5
  • Updated XT Galleria Plugin to v1.0.4
  • Updated XT Optimum Speed Plugin to v1.0.2
  • Updated Revolution Slider Plugin to v5.0.4.1

V.1.1.3 ? 14.08.2015

  • Minor Fixes
  • Fixed Mega Menu query to show all category & subcategory posts
  • Fixed error with SEO Plugin sitemaps
  • Theme Panel / Thumbnail Settings – Allow overlay icon removal
  • News Widget / Post Template – Filter query by standard posts along with other post formats in the same query
  • Added a Font Size, Line Height & Margin Bottom options to Post Titles & Excerpts within the theme panel archives settings
  • Added Twitter Settings section within the theme panel under APIs / Accounts – Twitter API Keys are now needed for the Twitter Widget to work
  • Updated Revolution slider to v5.0.4 Major Update – Might have to reconfigure your existing sliders
  • Updated WooCommerce templates

V.1.1.2 ? 02.08.2015

  • Fixed weird bug with TinyMce JS not loading in the backend
  • Fixed issue with footer links color
  • Fixed sidebar issue with posts having multiple pages
  • Fixed issue with visual composer ads widget
  • Fixed issues with VC News Widget default values
  • Social Share module now loads via Ajax for a faster single post page speed
  • Formatted social share counts to (k / m) for thousands and millions
  • Added Meta Options to the list view within the News Widget
  • Added Meta Options to the post template & category settings
  • Added 3 new social share providers (,,
  • Added global options to change excerpt length within archives / single posts
  • Added an option within the News Widget to fade in title / excerpt / category on hover if shown over the thumbnail
  • Updated translation files
  • Updated Visual Composer to 4.6.2

V.1.1.1 ? 16.07.2015

  • Fixed javascript error causing page animations not to work properly
  • Fixed video background image fallback on mobile devices
  • Added a disable loop option to the video background row settings

V.1.1.0 ? 15.07.2015

  • Removed html tags from truncated excerpts within the news widget to prevent malformed html within visual composer output
  • Fixed issue with lazy load images after an ajax request
  • Fixed issue with logo bar ad section
  • Fixed minor issue with the comments form
  • Fixed issue with video backgrounds not loading on firefox / safari
  • Removed all comments from the minified style.css to have a smaller size
  • Added a new Advanced News Widget that has the same options as the VC News Widget
  • Added Main Menu Dropdowns Typography option
  • Added a new skin to the social share module
  • Added an option to change the sidebar width based on the 12 column grid
  • Updated ACF to 5.2.7
  • Updated Visual Composer to 4.6.1

V.1.0.9 ? 29.06.2015

  • Fixed visual composer textbox color to inherit theme panel Text Color 1
  • Disable global video autoplay option if inserted within visual composer to avoid multiple videos loading at the same time
  • Renamed News to Posts since it is the default post type
  • Removed debugging alert forgotten within the code
  • Fixed issue with the Ads Widget not displaying the title
  • Fixed issue with widget zones above and below the main menu that were not displaying properly
  • Fixed widget header margin
  • Fixed issue with facebook login due to API changes
  • Fixed Social Share Linkedin share count
  • Fixed issue with Twitter not sharing the post link
  • Reset comments form after submit
  • Fixed issue with the gallery post format columns option not applying
  • Fixed bug with the most discussed query within the News Widget that was causing other widgets not to show
  • Added Sidebar / Widgets Look & Feel options (colors, padding, margins, borders)
  • Added Text Options to the News Widget (Title / Excerpt: Font Type, Font Size, Font Weight, Line Height)
  • Added option to select an image size or enter a custom size (resized & cropped on the fly) within the VC News Widget
  • Added option to change the Column Width / Post Count Per Column to the VC News Widget Featured Views
  • Added news views to the VC News Widget (Lists without thumbs, Ranking list with thumbs and 2 new featured views )
  • Added Post Meta Display Options to the VC News Widget (Show Below or Over featured image)
  • Added option to change the megamenu overlay color when active
  • Added option to change the logo height within the logo bar
  • Added option to change the logo height within the mobile top bar
  • Added border options to the main menu dropdown items
  • Added border options to the mobile top bar
  • Added color options to the mobile top bar / toggle when expanded
  • Auto resize logo bar ads from (728×90 to 420×60) based on screen size
  • Added option to disable the Shop Account Link from the Account dropdown menu
  • Added new home page visual composer predefined layout
  • Updated Visual Composer to 4.5.3 (Fixes XSS Vulnerability)

V. – 08.06.2015

  • Hide endless articles sidebar on mobile view
  • Fixed issue with Ubermenu not showing properly
  • Localized top bar date
  • Faster theme panel by enabling ajax saving (no more reloads on save)
  • Added New “After Single Post Content Widget Zone 2”
  • Added option to show / hide sidebars on mobile view
  • Added color options to thumbnail overlays & icons
  • Added option to change thumbnail overlay icons based on post format
  • Updated theme panel Redux Framework to v3.5.4.17

V.1.0.8 – 04.06.2015

  • Fixed Facebook share count
  • Fixed bug with the smart content sidebar widget zone
  • Fixed bug with Endless Articles template
  • Fixed custom css rendering on the 404 error page
  • Fixed intermittent issue with is_tag archive
  • Fixed theme panel post archives categories settings
  • Fixed issue with widgets getting shifted when new sidebar is created
  • Enhanced sticky sidebars smoothness
  • Moved the “after post content” widget zone before the comments section
  • Added template conditional assets loading to increase page speed
  • Wrapped all template functions with “function_exists” so they can easily be overridden within the child theme
  • Enhanced Main Menu / Top Bar container options
  • Enhanced assets loading by adding conditional tags
  • Restructured Theme Panel Settings
  • Fade in images only when they reach the viewport top
  • Added Ajax Pagination (Load More / Prev Next ) to the visual composer news widget with multiple animations
  • Added logo bar (Left / Right / Centered) with optional ad zone
  • Added (Self Hosted) option to Video Post Format
  • Added Audio Post Format (Embed / Self Hosted)
  • Added Link Post Format
  • Add nav menu to top bar
  • Added Top Bar option to show current date
  • Added Top Bar border option
  • Added a separate mobile top bar height / background color options
  • Added main menu margin / padding / border options
  • Added mobile menu typography option
  • Added option to narrow / center post content if no sidebar is set
  • Added a global sidebar setting for pages
  • Added Custom Nav Menu option to account menu
  • Added “My Posts” link option to account menu
  • Added CURL exists validation to demo import
  • Added Facebook Like & Google Plus to the Social Share
  • Added option to include Facebook likes & comments in social share count
  • Added the possibility to filter theme thumbnail sizes
  • Updated Envato Toolkit
  • Updated Revolution Slider to 4.6.93
  • Updated Visual Composer to 4.5.2
  • Updated Woocommerce templates

V.1.0.7 – 13.04.2015

  • Fixed issue with Vimeo player
  • Fixed font-awesome 4.3 icons
  • Fixed minor demo import bugs
  • Fixed Visual Composer output on posts page template
  • Fixed bug with search toggle on active push menu
  • Fixed warning notice on category pages
  • Fixed logo height on mobile small screens
  • Fixed comments paragraphs margin bottom css
  • Fixed Follow Us text in top bar if custom icon is used
  • Fixed Facebook share count if not available
  • Fixed push menu overflow on mobile
  • Show full post titles within post templates and archives
  • Enhance Theme Panel for a faster load
  • Added UberMenu Support
  • Added RTL Support
  • Added a separate top menu search bar
  • Added query options within WP News Widget
  • Added offset option within VC & WP News Widget
  • Added Random Posts query within VC & WP News Widget
  • Added Related Posts query within VC & WP News Widget
  • Added Date filter within VC & WP News Widget (last week, last month, last year and all time)
  • Added Custom Query / Custom Post Types to VC News Widget
  • Added option to change views count meta key
  • Added option to reset views count
  • Added option to turn off sticky sidebars
  • Added API Keys Section in the theme panel
  • Added Google Fonts API Key option to retrieve all fonts for VC custom heading widget
  • Updated Woocommerce templates

V.1.0.6 – 09.03.2015

  • Make the Demo Import work on IIS servers
  • Fixed right push menu overflow
  • Fixed category styling if more than one is shown
  • Fixed inner content background color in Full Width layout
  • Fixed sticky sidebar when sticky Top Bar is disabled
  • Remove https from social share count urls
  • Center search form when menu height is changed
  • Increased orbit slider font size
  • Optimized orbit slider loading
  • Ajaxified SASS compilation process for a faster Theme Panel
  • Allow multiple widgets within single posts widget zones
  • Added category descriptions
  • Added Yoast Breadcrumbs Support
  • Added Website Field to comments form for guests
  • Added autoplay option for single videos
  • Added more “Show / Hide” options to News Widget
  • Added option to show / hide page title in sticky top bar
  • Added option to show / hide Author Box in single posts
  • Added option to limit the number of categories displayed within the news widget
  • Updated language files

V.1.0.5 – 24.02.2015

  • Fixed “Cannot modify header information” error in woo commerce filters
  • Fixed footer layout when comments are activated on visual composer pages
  • Added a clear message if the theme cannot set the required memory limit

V.1.0.4 – 23.02.2015

  • Fixed issue with sticky top bar on close event
  • Fixed style url on HTTPS
  • Fixed author links in comments list
  • Fixed woocommerce reviews css
  • Fixed featured image width in “original” mode
  • Fixed WooCommerce scroll to reviews section
  • Fixed Customizer Error
  • Fixed issue with expanded mobile menu on login dialog close event.
  • Fixed pagination on posts template when set as homepage
  • Optimized SASS compilation process
  • Make news widget animations optional
  • Update migration system
  • Tag Cloud Widget: Limit results to 15
  • Make mobile topbar sticky
  • Added Schema Micro Data Markup
  • Added predefined visual composer templates
  • Added global option to hide breadrumbs
  • Added global option to hide title bar
  • Added color options to push menu
  • Added option to show / hide mega menu tags & subcategories
  • Added new Featured Image Type (Behind Title – Fullwidth)
  • Added color options to Top Bar buttons
  • Updated Woocommerce CSS for version 2.3.0

V.1.0.3 – 04.02.2015

  • Fixed issue with Default Roboto Font, not able to change size and colors
  • Adjusted top bar buttons margin when changing top bar height
  • Fixed Theme Panel Issues on Child Theme
  • Fixed demo importer remote xml feching by adding fallback functions
  • Fixed main menu / top menu default settings
  • Fixed issue with Twitter widget avatars / tweet date not showing
  • Single post sidebar: Set default options to inherit from global settings
  • Single post featured image: Set default options to inherit from global settings
  • Completely removed Woocommerce & Buddypress css if not activated
  • Added Menu Typography
  • Added color options to the top bar
  • Added logo option to main menu
  • Added Ajax post selection within the news widget
  • Added exclude categories within the news widget
  • Added option to show / hide search form from mobile menu
  • Added option to show / hide follow us from top-bar and mobile menu
  • Added option to enable / disable comments on a visual composer page
  • Added po / mo language files to child theme
  • Added “Via” option to twitter social share
  • Updated Visual Composer
  • Updated Optimum Speed Plugin to v1.0.1

V.1.0.2 – 25.01.2015

  • Fixed issue with sidebar on a visual composer page
  • Fixed page background settings
  • Fixed Child Theme CSS
  • Fixed lost password redirection
  • Fixed Yoast SEO Sitemap error
  • Set Easy Foundation Shortcodes to use theme assets
  • Prepackaged Envato Toolkit for Automatic Theme Updates
  • Prepackaged Ads Manager + Visual Composer Ads widget
  • Reskined Sidebar
  • Added boxed version

V.1.0.1 – 22.01.2015

  • Fixed initial CSS compilation
  • Fixed revolution slider arrow position
  • Fixed parallax and video containers padding on mobile
  • Enhanced shop page responsiveness
  • Prepackaged Easy Foundation Shortcodes
  • Added Grid Width option

V.1.0 – 20.01.2015

  • Initial Version

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